We Love Referrals! Help us get the word out!

Did you like your experience with BetterPM? Then help us get the word out, and earn big rewards! Refer your coworkers or friends to, and receive a 25% CREDIT or CASH for everything they purchase!  Below, you will find your customized referral (called an affiliate link) that you can send in email to your colleagues or friends, or post on facebook or twitter. When someone clicks on that link and purchases one of our products, you earn a cool 25% credit for each new signup! Its that simple!

Ready to cash in your credits? Simply contact us and we will send you a special coupon code that you can apply to any product on our site! Or, if you earn over $100, we can send you CASH via paypal. Sorry, paypal is the only way we are able to pay out cash earnings. Send your request to along with your verified paypal email address and we will send you your referral payments!

Other Terms
Unfortunately, you cannot earn referral credits on your own purchases, and any sales to yourself will be reversed.
You must earn at least $100 to be eligible to get a cash payment via paypal.
You can request a coupon on ANY amount of referrals you earn
There is a 60 day waiting period from the time of purchase until you are eligible to receive your payout (either cash or credit). This is to ensure that the users did not request a refund.
If you request more than $600 a year in payouts, we must collect your Social Security Number or Tax ID if you are a USA resident and report your earnings to the IRS.

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