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Why fly somewhere, stay in a hotel, take a week off from work, sit in a classroom and incur all the costs associated with such a trip…
When you can prepare for the PMI-ACP® Exam AND earn 25 PDUs from the comfort and convenience of your own personal surroundings. Accessing exactly what you need to pass the PMI-ACP® exam has never been so easy.
BetterPM’s streaming and downloadable video, audio and printed material “hits the mark” on “exactly” what you’ll need to pass your exam. We do this by leveraging our years of experience with thousands of students…
We know what the “most challenging areas” of the test are, so we highlight and emphasize those areas for you as you go through the training, making it the most time leveraged and efficient process possible.
Also, for your convenience you can utilize our training within your current routine. You can access our “superior” training materials in any way convenient for you….
Including mobile devices, computer, iPod, Kindle and more… This means our process works for you and with you… and doesn’t jerk around your schedule as you train for your exam as other methods do.

BetterPM’s Preparation Courses Are Different

Over the years, our students have given us a tremendous amount of feedback about what works for them, and what doesn’t. We have had over 125,000 students access our course content, and we have listened carefully to where they struggled, and what they needed more help with.

We designed training modules that are more digestible and easier to stop and start at your convenience. This is not only because of taking unusual care correlating course content but also due to ease of delivery and multiple forms of media available to train with…

All of which are available on demand.

Life is dynamic, one’s work and personal schedules can change on a moment’s notice and without warning. That’s why we’ve built in maximum flexibility within our preparation courses. No time to login to our training and study today at home? No problem! You can access all of the material (audio, video, print) from your mobile device and read it on the train or listen to a lesson as you drive into work or doing chores around the house.
If you’re the type of person that likes to emerge yourself in material and wants to test as quickly as possible… BetterPM is perfect for that too. In fact, if you do that you will be rewarded for your efforts! Since you only pay for the material on a month-to-month basis, you only pay for the time in which you access it.

If you test fast, you’ll save money while getting the result you’re looking for, and if you need more time, you can access the content for as long as you need.

The BRONZE AGILE course includes:

– Complete and comprehensive, in-depth course content (329pages available) available on demand and auto-formatted to any device (mobile, tablet, laptop etc.).

Proof – other courses provide the minimum 21 credit hours to take the PMI-ACP exam, while BetterPM courses provide 25 credit hours… 4 extra hours of content, proving PMI considers it more comprehensive and complete than others. PAy for 21, get 25 PDUs!

– 230 practice questions administered within course material and through interactive “smart” online testing module that correlates and highlights incorrect answers to areas within the course material so to advise you of your area of difficulty.

– Most challenging and “tricky” areas within the PMI-ACP® certification test is highlighted brought to your attention and emphasize as you go through the course.

– Multimedia and dynamic explanation are used to facilitate easier and accelerated learning by using over 100 charts, graphs and colorful explanations.

– All content is compatible (by auto format and resize) with any device that has a PDF reader including (Kindle, iPad, laptop, mobile etc.) where a connection is available.

– 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

– You will be completely delighted with the course material; its quality and ease of integrating it into your exam preparation or continuing education…

Or if there is any other reason you feel unsatisfied with the course in general. You can ask for and receive an immediate refund for a full 60-day period.

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The GOLD AGILE course includes:

– The entire bronze course (see above)

-11 streaming videos, and 11 downloadable MP3 files, reviewing course content in greater detail.

–It’s been found that many of us learn better, when we use multiple modes of learning (audible, visual and printed word). We’ve addressed this scientific discovery by delivering you with a comprehensive multimedia library of learning tools to choose from and access online and at your convenience using the online device of your choice. The entirety of this library is compatible with all devices including mobile, tablet or laptop.

The course comes with you… And is at your beck and call at all times. – All content including multimedia is compatible (by auto format and resize) with any device (Kindle, iPad, laptop, mobile etc.) that is either directly online or where Wi-Fi is available. And is one of the ways we give you maximum flexibility to take the course on your terms and anywhere that is convenient for you!

 Of course, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

– You will be completely delighted with the course material; its quality and ease of integrating it into your exam preparation… Or if there is any other reason you feel unsatisfied with the course in general. You can ask for and receive an immediate refund for a full 60-day period.

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Online Agile Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Confidently explain the differences between the Agile approach and a typical “Waterfall” project approach
  • Know the basic pros and cons of each method
  • Understand the basics of the Scrum approach
  • Be able to recite the 3-4-5 rule of Scrum: 3 Roles, 4 Artifacts, and 5 Ceremonies
  • Know the differences between Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI-ACP®, and Scrum Master® certifications

Upon completion of this course, you are entitled to earn 25 PDUs.
Immediately download your course certificate
Email yourself the certificate for printing at home
Register this course as 25 Category A (R.E.P Courses) PDUs. Go to your profile, and enter course #Agile-101. We are provider #3330,, Innate Images LLC

Topics Covered in this Agile Course

  • About
  • A typical “Waterfall” Project Lifecycle
  • Specifics regarding the PMI-ACP® credentialing process
  • Manifesto for Agile Software Development
  • Agile – How is it Different?
  • Overview of an Agile project lifecycle
  • Benefits and limitations of an Agile process
  • Leveraging the benefits of multiple disciplines
  • Scrum
  • Other Types of Agile
  • Current Trends and the Lean Startup
  • PMI and Agile Project Management

Your Burning Question?

Of all the questions, we get (prior to purchase), there is one that far and away dominates all others; and because of this must be considered the most important question we get… In fact, it seems as if everyone has this question in the forefront of their mind. So, since there is a reasonable likelihood you too have this question in your mind, I’d like to answer it at this time…

Question – Why should we choose BetterPM over any of the other online course providers or in person seminars or classes?

Answer – We wouldn’t want to be so presumptuous to assume that our course is best for everyone. We can’t be all things to all people. However, we did design our courses with extreme care and took great effort to meet the exact needs of what the majority of students have expressed to us.

These include:

–  Our course Training

–  Is very comprehensive while also maintaining quick, easy and efficient delivery and learning system. So to meet the pressing schedules of the student that is often already working full-time.

– Make the course and training flexible… This is accomplished by:

  1. Providing multimedia content so to accommodate multiple learning styles and enhancing retention
  2. Making all content available on demand and as required, formatted and compatible to any device
  3. More purchasing options
    1. basic and advanced
    2. month-to-month/pay as you go use of content

– Additional credit hours (25 vs. 21) – 21 is the minimum requirement to take the PMI-ACP® exam . However, due to our comprehensive, tightly integrated and advanced content you get 25 with BetterPM

– With BetterPM courses there will be no need to take off from work, travel to another city, rent a car, stay in a hotel and incur all the costs associated with that. Also, I should mention… –

– We’ve helped 100,000+’s of students (really! our app is #1 for PMP® on the app store 4 years running) prepare and pass the PMP® and PMI-ACP® exam… With over and 99% success rate!

Here is how our course compares to other available training.

BetterPM’s Course Other Online Courses In-Person Seminars and Classes

PMI® REP Approved to earn minimum 21 Hour Course Certificate required to take the exam (we are provider #3330 – look us up!)

PMI® REP Approved to earn 25 Hour Course Certificate – 4 more hours than required

No Varies, sometimes

No travel expenses or vacation time required (save $1500 minimum) take course from your location.


Bite sized format allows you to study where and when and on any device convenient for you!

Varies Varies

100% US-based instructors and help Center

No Varies

Toll-free number to call anytime questions

No No

Earn PDUs for either PMP® or PMI-ACP® certifications on the same course!

Varies Varies

Most challenging and “tricky” areas within the PMI-ACP® certification test are highlighted, brought to your attention

No Varies

1-on-1 instruction and Q&A

Available with Platinum Course No Varies

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Do you like to save time and money?

This is not a trick question. Some people prefer taking off from work, getting on a plane and flying halfway across the country, staying in a hotel and going to a live training event, even though they’ll spend a lot more money than they need in doing so… The proof of this is self-evident.  When you see that people go to these events, even with their enormous cost, it’s clear, some people don’t prefer saving time and money! Let’s consider their cost. $1500 (or more) for the live event, and probably more than $2000 for travel expenses, meals, flights, hotel and other ancillary expenses; not to mention lost vacation time or ability to earn money by taking off from work. That’s such a large price to pay, some people must prefer going to them, regardless of cost! If you’re one of those people, I fully understand, I felt that way myself at one point in my life. As I matured, I found the experience of “being there live” simply wasn’t worth all of the expense, time,  energy and stress. If you’re like me, you’ll prefer the quicker, more direct and much more affordable, BetterPM resources on demand and learn on my own terms system. With all the flexibility built into it to learn within your schedule and lifestyle and without busting your budget either.

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Why BetterPM for your prep? Our Customers Say it Best (Real Reviews)!

I was extremely satisfied with the level of customer service that I received from Aaron and was happy with both the speed and resolutions to my many questions. I really liked the practice quizzes, as they indicated to me directly where I need to further focus my studies. I just took my official PMP exam yesterday (and PASSED, yay!)– Colleen F.

What’s different about BetterPM, what should I expect?

First, we have real US-based, technical support PM professionals (with 10 years or more of experience) answering your questions when you need them answered through our convenient toll-free phone number or e-mail. This might sound like a strange thing to say but since you don’t have experience with other providers, I’d like to tell you other providers (not all) can leave you in the lurch or maybe even more frustratingly, connect you to with an unqualified person who can’t answer your question adequately.

We’re proud of our customer service and our customers have been impressed too (see our testimonials). Additionally, our students get maximum flexibility when it comes to how they want to learn. The reason we do this is because, no one knows what works for you best, better than you do!

Science has identified that we all have a “preferred” style or way of learning that makes it considerably easier than other styles. Some of us learn best through visual and simultaneous audible information like through a video, others, (as I do) do best when they can load up their iPod with an audio download. This gives you the additional flexibility of listening to an audio that allows you to fit it into your lifestyle for maximum time efficiency! You can listen to it in the car, on the exercise machine, doing chores around the house or just relaxing in a chair.

In short, while doing the things you’re already doing. And then there’s people that prefer the tried and true printed word… This is why we provide multimedia content delivery in our gold product, so you have everything you need to learn it your way. BetterPM brings to you the ultimate “whenever and wherever” training system that works with your schedule and lifestyle.

You can look long and hard and you’ll find, no one else offers this level of flexibility… Period. There’s no classroom you need to fight traffic and find parking for, no lecture times to block out on your schedule. You don’t have to worry about the course going too quickly or too slowly. You set your own schedule and your own pace. And maybe best of all…. We offer the best guarantee in the business! 60 day No hassle trial period, with an easy refund process should you decide its not for you.                

BetterPM – Go directly to pass!

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Bronze PMI-ACP® preparation course

  • 329 Pages of in depth peer reviewed content
  • 230 Computer based interactive Quiz questions, broken into 3 quizzes
  • Quiz questions in the course at the end of each chapter
  • Ask a certified instructor questions at any time
  • USA based customer service available Monday through Friday to answer your email or phone questions, and also available to skype
  • Try it Risk Free – 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days

Course Book is delivered in Adobe PDF format.

Only $49.95 a month, cancel anytime
Get the Agile Bronze Course NoworGet Lifetime Access to use the course for as long as you like – Only $197
Gold PMI-ACP® preparation course Includes the entire Bronze course above plus these valuable additions…

  • Comprehensive multi-media content and learning library
    • 11 Videos and 11 downloadable MP3s
    • These are the audios and videos that facilitate multiple and diverse learning modalities.
    • Science has discovered, multiple learning modalities to be up to 80% more effective in retention and speed of learning
  • Try it Risk Free – 100% satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days!

Course Book is delivered in Adobe PDF format. The videos are delivered by and can be viewed on almost any device with a broadband internet connection. The MP3s are downloadable to your computer, MP3 player, etc. The Interactive quizzes are delivered via Web Browser and are compatible with all browsers.

Only $99.95 a month, cancel anytime
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Get Lifetime Access to use the course for as long as you like – Only $297

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I was extremely satisfied with the level of customer service that I received from Aaron and was happy with both the speed and resolutions to my many questions. I really liked the practice quizzes, as they indicated to me directly where I need to further focus my studies. I just took my official PMP exam yesterday (and PASSED, yay!) Colleen F.

I would definitely recommend this course! Overall, the course material was comprehensive, well layed out, and easy to follow. Adam B.

Aaron was very responsive, good material, great value. Course and well presented and quizzes were good. Overall very satisfied.. Swapan K.

Is your course approved by PMI®? Does this qualify me to take the PMI-ACP® Exam?

Yes, we are an official PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P). Our registration #3330. To find us at PMI®, go to and enter 3330 as the provider number. We are listed under our parent company, Innate Images LLC. All of our PMP® courses are approved to not only give you the 21 credit hours required by PMI to apply for the PMP®credential, but instead they are rated for 25 hours, since we packed a lot of quiz and bonus material in there.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 60 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

Do you have a telephone number where I can reach you?
Yes, you can call us toll free Monday-Friday at (888) 532-8889. If you are calling off hours or our representatives are busy, just leave a message and somebody will call you as soon as possible. We usually answer the phone in between client meetings, training sessions, and other activities. Email is usually the fastest way to get a response, use the form on our contact page for best results.
Do you offer PDUs too? What category are they?
Yes please check our PDUs page. We offer 25, 45, and 70 PDU course options! All our courses are PMP® category A courses. Category A credits can only be offered by officially Registered Education Providers (REP’s), such as which is REP #3330
Do you offer discounts for educational or bulk purchase programs?
Absolutely!  Yes, we offer a sliding discount scale for any person or company purchasing more than 10 courses. Please contact us for more details.

Still have questions? Go ahead and contact us, we will get right back to you! *

Refund Policy – Refunds gladly accepted for any reason if you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days of purchase.

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